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File Harmonizer (Global release) is the easiestsolution for simplifying redundant tasks, to save time and money.The need of writing and typing the same information hundreds of times, is a thing of the past.

- For individuals, File Harmonizer allows you to enter information that you want to share once; allows you to manage changes real-time, from a centralized source.
- For business, File Harmonizer is a great service and easy to use tool, to simplify redundant work processes, to save time and money by reusing their intellectual property.

File Harmonizer can be used by anyone and in any industry sector:

Doctor Offices
Sales Teams
Health Care
Human Resources

By using a “Create once and apply to many” (COA2M) approach.Individuals saves time and businesses saves money.

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Original File Harmonizer’s software functionality is available for the following operating systems: Windows 98, Windows NT/2000/XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7(32-bit and x64 bit) versions, Windows 10.

File Harmonizer (Global) is an online service solution with a global approach to reusing intellectual property. File Harmonizer (Global) seamlessly interact with the File Harmonizer Software.

File Harmonizer is a must have;it is significantly faster without sacrificing quality. File Harmonizer still allows simultaneous file processing.

Some of the new features are:

  • Secure repository of individual content
  • Manage Business Partner template creation (manually or hire FH service)
  • Fast File Cleansing / Harmonizing (fast searching of large files)
  • Step-by-Step Help Instructions from Menu (simple user interface)
  • Apply standardize naming convention to harmonized files (preview harmonized files)
  • Migrate Power Point Files into a new common Standard Template (adopting all slides to new template format)
  • Convert harmonized files to HTML (preview harmonized files)
  • Correct File Extension, mass updates to file extensions
  • Report on Files Harmonized (Excel / HTML)
  • Archive Original and Harmonized files per Filer for legal and historical purposes (Backup)
  • Control File Harmonizer by way of master settings window
  • Error Log tracking for support or addition of future functionality
  • Free Updates per Active License Period
  • Support is available in the Help File, a FAQ, & from
  • Mail, Fax, & Phone Orders are available (export results)