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Fax: 513 861-9917
Fax Orders: 513 861-9917

Please use for general questions and for primary support.

Fax orders are processed 8 AM – 8 PM EST, Mon. – Fri., United States – orders are usually processed within two hours; orders received outside these hours are processed the following work day. If you have not heard back from us in 24 hours, please send an Email to

  • Often unexpected delay is due to handwriting that is difficult to read. Please use provided text file ordering form - our products have a text file ordering form you can edit with your Text Editor. To expedite Fax orders please use/edit theprovided order form before you print it and then sign and fax.
  • For Sales and ordering questions please send them to will reply promptly.


Send all tech support questions to

For registered users, we strive to offer fast, effective and professional support within 24 hours; our goal is to reply to all open questions within 24 hours.

For unregistered users, we provide limited support (when resources are available) to answers questions, or give suggestions on new features to help the user in their purchasing decision.

Before writing to us, please:
  • Check that you have latest version of the program
  • Read FAQ

Phone support: at present phone-based support is now offered. We have incorporated error tracking into the program to automatically notify Tech Support of Errors encountered the last time your software was used.

We have found that our customers asks similar questions, for issues not requiring a technical fix, we offer FAQ page, as issues are fixed and incorporated into a release of the program – they are removed from the FAQ page. Over the past eight years, we found that Email support is amuch more efficient way to provide support. Our goal is to provide a reply within 24 hours. A reply consists of: an answer, acknowledgement of receiving Error Log received, Target fix date, or scheduled time for support to call and talk about your program problem.

For questions or ideas to improve the File Harmonizer program, use